free falling joy

18 Jul

* a kinda new piece by me (tried something different with the visual subject than with my other pieces…see my heARTwork gallery & you’ll understand. but, overall, to me, it works for what i am attempting to convey [see poem below])

** because every experience should be lived in the moment…because we deserve to live life FREE in SPIRIT

free falling joy

 Free Falling Joy

I am the one who floats and flies freely in the sky

The white snow below reflects the dazzling sunlight

And I remember the freedom of my spirit


 As it always was

As it always is

As it always is


 I am the one whose energy circles the earth

Swirling and capturing moments

The essence of life in my palm


Pathways paved purple are never direct

Looping back and forth

Yet perfect, somehow perfect in its own time


I am the one who floats and flies freely in the sky

Like little fish dancing in the clouds

I make a new home wherever I go


Life’s music beats and rocks my soul

In every break I breathe in life

Living each moment in sound joy


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