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The  art workshops I conduct consist of a variety of expressive arts techniques. Typically, I use an adaptive version of techniques taught by MFT, Seena B Frost, through her collage process she calls SoulCollage (

People who are interested in learning more about themselves through the process of art and various expressive art techniques are encouraged to participate.

I have conducted exploratory art sessions for high school students, people of color, @ conferences, in college settings/classrooms, and for non-profits (see picture gallery below). Workshops can also be provided for small groups, special occassions & retreats, and any other venue where the exploration of self is desired.

Workshops can be tailored to almost any age group. Minimum time for a workshop is 1 hour.

Contact me @ for booking.

My Paper Heat Workshops Gallery

Upward Bound 08
USC Social Work Class 09
GABNet Purple Rose Week 09
Empowering Women of Color Conference. UC Berkeley. 09
UCSD Pinay Conference 04.09
UCSD Cross Cultural Center 05.09
Art Institute, San Diego 06.09
Khmer Girls in Action 07.09
Lisa & Tuan’s Bday 08.09

5 Responses to “WORKSHOPS”

  1. Lotus Love June 18, 2009 at 2:58 am #

    wonderful work sister! Keep creating and Keep it Delicious


  2. Rebecca Dean July 16, 2009 at 3:39 am #

    your work is amazing!


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