my first interview! on

24 Jul

 below you will find a copy of the interview i did with, a fantastic online fashion retail boutique, for which i just created the look book cover (coming soon).

today is a special day friends! my first interview!

wow. i never would have thought that this could happen to me ( i kinda feel like singing that kelly clarkson american idol song right about now but  you’re lucky i can’t sing over wordpress.)  i feel so blessed that my work has reached the masses that is has. i am putting faith in the future of my artistic endeavors.

i will continue to create because not only does it fulfill me, but i feel it is also my connection to my community in an undescribably intimate way.

i thank everyone for always encouraging me to believe in myself. 🙂 i hope that this is just the beginning of something beautiful.

interview begins here….


Recently, Bella Maven commissioned up-and-coming artist Loralei Rose Bingamon to design the cover of our first look book. We love the piece she did for us and will have it on our website soon. Loralei makes the most amazing collages. Here’s an excerpt of the interview.

What type of medium do you use? What is your speciality?

Although I often incorporate various mediums such as photography and painting into my work, I would consider myself to be a collage artist.

When did you start making art?

I have always been in love with art and color. I guess you could say that ever since I was a kid I liked making things. But the deep passion I have for being creative and expressing myself through the work of my hands really cultivated when I was in junior high and high school. I took art classes for six years and learned about ceramics, drawing, and crafts. Then, when I was at UCSD I started doing collages as a way to express feelings of love, community, confusion, hurt and all of the above. I realized then that collaging really worked for me. I have been working on my craft ever since.

What inspires you? Who influences your creative process?

Inspiration comes to me in many ways. I have been inspired to create by the life experiences I have had traveling to Central America and the Philippines. I have been inspired by the stories of struggle of people all over the world, by current events, and by the cultivation of various communities of I have been involved in. Because my art is a visual reflection of the emotions I feel as I carry on through my life’s journey I can also say that I am also inspired by life itself.

Of course, other artists also inpsire me. Musicians such as Amel Larrieux, Lauryn Hill, Eryakah Badu, Jill Scott, India Arie, Keri Hilson, Santigold, and MIA are a few artists whose creativity, drive, and talent push me to keep going and strive for perfection.

Community artists working in all mediums, dj’s, dancers, and anyone who has passion for their art move me and keep me inspired.

Describe your process of creating a piece?

To me, creating a piece is an intimate process. I really have to be centered and connected to myself in order to begin. When making a piece, I first focus on the intention of what I am trying to visually express. What is the mood of the piece? What colors come to mind? Are there any words that stand out to me about what I want to convey? From there everything just sort of happens. My process is a combination of intuition, connection, love and appreciation for aesthetics.

Do you’re pieces have meaning or symbolism? Are there particular themes you use? Do you have a muse?

Most of my current pieces are tied together in that at the core of my work I try to emphasize the vitality of life. Life should be lived in the moment and in joy. In all my pieces, even if there is a more serious undertone, I try to capture life’s essence. My past five or so pieces have incorporated the image of the butterfly. I never intended for this to be a reoccurring symbol or theme, it just happened. To me, the butterfly represents freedom of spirit, imagination, and letting go of fear. Non-coincidentally I have been trying to focus on living freely without fear and being in tune with my imagination. So, it is only fitting that my art reflects what is in my heart.

As far as having a muse, it varies. A lot of times, my muses are my friends and others within my social network who inspire me for whatever reason.

What future projects are you working on?

Right now, I am working on the cover for the next issue of Left Turn Magazine. You will also be able to find me selling prints of my artwork at the Clit Fest in Los Angeles from August 7th-9th.

I know I didn’t really talk about it much, but I also give art workshops. I have a few workshops lined up in the next month as well.

And, I also hope to be coming out with some t-shirts screenprinted with my artwork in the near future.

Where can I find out more information about you and your artwork?

You can find more information about me on my blog, loraleirosesays…expressyoursoul @

Pictures of my artwork, of the workshops I provide, things that inspire me, and my contact info can all be found here.

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