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HeArtwork by loraleirose

HeARTwork: Process & Praxis

Please read below to understand how I create some of my pieces, what/who has inspired some of my work and my overall relationship to my heARTwork.

sheisextraordinary_byloraleirosebingamon_printShe is Extraordinary, Feb 2009

Hand Collage

On Art & Energy

“She is Extraordinary” was inspired by a long time friend of mine, Dianne Que. Dianne and I were roommates back when we went to UCSD. In many ways, I find her to be extremely talented. She is a writer, an eco-friendly craftswomam, and aspiring photographer to say the least (if you think I am just playing her up, take a look at her work on hurleysashimi.etsy.com).

In regards to the piece itself, although it is intended to be a visual representation of Dianne’s engery as interpreted by me, I have found it to be more universal and appealing in other ways. When I shared this image with women from GABnet Los Angeles (http://www.gabnet.org/), the Butterfly Collective formed by May Fu, and a newly formed Women of Color Collective in Berkely I was moved by how they found a message in the work for them as well.

What does this mean? To me, the fact that other women were drawn to this piece that is representative of Dianne’s energy tells me that as women, we are connected on so many levels- levels which may remain unspoken, but non-the-less real and experienced. I have realized that art can draw us together in community. Where we might not find any similarities to one another, being drawn to the same piece, for example,for whatever reason, binds us in an energetic dimension.

artwork4 Teacher, May 2008

Hand Collage with Photoshop Adjustments

My Inspiration

I was inspired to create  “Teacher”  one spring afternoon in 2008. I had just arrived home from a screening that the Khmer Girls In Action (see link on my homepage) hosted in the LBC. The screening consisted of short video montages reflecting various sentiments of the identity politics of 2nd generation cambodian girls in Long Beach. They were so young, yet so insightful. That day, I realized how powerful the youth truly are when they are given the opportunity to let their voices be heard. Given the medium of film, the girls artistic-ly spoke on the experience of the generation gap b/n themselves and their parents, on fitting in at school, what it is like to come from a refugee family, etc.

I feel that I often learn about myself through others. The girls touched by heart with their stories. Seeing them stand before and audience and tell their stories with the utmost strength, I felt that they were my teachers. In those moments they taught me that no matter what I face in life I can be strong and see myself through to the end.

Thank you to my all my teachers.





6 Responses to “HeARTwork”

  1. unfoldingwonder January 29, 2009 at 8:22 pm #

    yay! congrats, loralei…and welcome to the blogosphere. so proud of you. your work is beautiful. – dianne

  2. jumakae April 21, 2009 at 7:52 am #

    beauuutiful. The most at peace i’ve ever been at an anti-war rally was when the KPFK booth set up an open canvas. If everyone picked up a paint brush and colored the blank sheet with me, the yelling would have seized and the emotions would have been manifested into a beautiful masterpiece to reflect on the the vibrancy and hope that still exists in this chaotic world..

  3. Robert Trujillo October 20, 2009 at 1:59 am #

    Love the “teacher”, very nice!

  4. rya L. September 11, 2010 at 1:51 am #

    just read an article about you on bakitwhy.com, your artwork is awesome and i totally get your personal philosophy on activism.. and when you talk about your emotions inspiring the creativity process. 🙂 yay, i’m a fan!


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