I Believe in Magic

9 Mar

” And when you have the courage to advance confidently in the direction of you dreams, you begin to draw upon the power of the universe…life gives you what you ask of it. It is always listening.”

” Do the right things. Act in a way which is congruent with your true character. Act with integrity. Be guided by your heart. The rest will take care of itself.”

[excerpts from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma]

Sometimes, I get so caught up in the things I want verses the things I already have. I have wonderful friends, a good family, a roof over my head, a job, a college education, I live in a safe neighborhood, have reliable transportation, I never have to go hungry. All of these are blessings and privileges I often take for granted. When I complain about not having enough money, not having this and that a loss of soul often occurs within me. In my quiet contemplation, I realize that when I don’t take time to appreciate all that I do have and instead concentrate on what I don’t have, life becomes empty. I become empty.

The past few months I have been working as a file clerk. I never have time to sit down and rest. I drown in a library of files for 5 -6 hours a day. To some, this might seem like a grueling job. At times, I admit I feel I am not executing my life’s potential in this file room. However, in these 5-6 hours I get to reflect on life. I think about who I am. Who I want to be. I ponder how I will get there. I practice acts of gratitude. This job, which on the outside seems like crap to some, has actually been a blessing to me. It  has allowed me the time for much needed personal reflection.

So, what is my point? I guess what I am trying to get at is OUR THOUGHTS GUIDE THE EXPERIENCES OF OUR LIVES. If I focus on what I don’t have, I will continue to be unhappy and unfulfilled. If I saw my job as menial labor and refused to look at it as a chance for personal reflection, I would have missed out on the opportunity for transformation that I feel has come to me undercover.

I believe in the MAGIC of LIFE. Yes, it is not easy to see the positive side of all situations presented, but I give it my all to do so.

Let us all look for the MAGIC in our LIVES and believe that it can be. I promise life will be much sweeter.


The Stress Level’s High
And The Moral’s Low
And When It’s Lookin’ Like It’s About To Blow
Your Mind To The Moon
Stop What You’re Doin’
Tap Into Your…

Feels Good Soon As You Add It
If You Forget You Had It
Well, It’s Right Where You At Kid
Reach Into You And Drag It Out
I’m Talkin’ Bout That Magic
However You Can, You Must Grab It
Jump, Sit, Sing, Laugh It’s

See live video by Amel Larrieux below

GABNET/ AF3IRM: Women Say No to War

3 Mar

If you are in the area or have the time, please come through to this informational event hosted by GABNET/ AF3IRM (Association of Filipina Feminists Fighting Imperialism, Refuedalization, & Marginalization).

Discussion will pertain to exactly what the flyer says, how women are being affected by the war being waged in Afghanistan.





Imix Bookstore

Eagle Rock


2 Mar


So, this is my latest piece. I was asked by a close friend to create something to represent her organization which deals with community transformational healing for sexual assault victims. Wa-la! This is what my hands and imagination produced.

When I look at this piece I feel that it is a bit intense, even for me. The fiery background and the bare body of the woman who has a butterfly for a head…dang, what was I thinking? I don’t even know!  I guess I wasn’t thinking as much as I was being lead by my feelings.

What do I feel when I look at this? I feel empowered. There is a sense of resiliency and strength presented by the combination of the woman’s body standing tall before the flames. In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is “Psyche”, which translates to “soul”. The butterfly head acts almost as a portal to the soul of the woman. Although behind her lies a past rich in chaos, here present stance is one of dignity and affirmation.

There are a lot more elements I could analyze, but art analysis is subjective, so I will leave it to you to interpret it for yourselves.

It is my hope that other women who gaze at this piece feel  empowered or inspired in someway. 🙂

If you tired to contact me…

26 Feb

If you have tried to contact me @ loraleilovesheartwork@gmail.com over the past few months I am sorry if I have not replied. I probably never got the emails. I forgot how to get into the account. Boo to me, I know. But today is a new day. If you have any questions, etc. get at me at loraleirose@gmail.com.

Sorry for the leave of absence. But I’m Back!

26 Feb

Since my last post at the beginning of the year, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Well, actually, A LOT of thinking and WORKING (2 regular jobs, side gigs, etc). I didn’t intentionally abandon my site. Don’t think for a minute I stopped making art. Sometimes in life, we all just need to take a break and regroup to figure out if the path we are on is the right one OR if we need to make some adjustments to get on the correct road.

So what have I discovered since the new year began? Well, to be honest, I took time to figure out WHAT ART MEANS to me. Why do I create art? Why do I even give art workshops? What is it’s function in my life?

For awhile, I don’t know what happened. I think I just got lost. I have always known on a heart level that creating meaningful pieces brought fulfillment to me in a spiritual way. However, when I started considering making $ off my art, my services, it just took the joy out of it. Of course, I am down with getting compensated, I just felt like I was too concerned with making profits from my work. Part of that reason was cuz I had no job at the time! MAKING PROFIT IS NOT WHY I CREATE.

So, that being said, I am taking this opportunity to start over and reconnect with my HeArt ambitions. I CREATE TO HEAL, CONNECT, SHARE LOVE, INSPIRE…

Look for new pieces being posted soon. Watch out for more blogs, posts, tweets, etc. A little inspiration goes a long way. I hope the bug that has hit me, latches on to you. Let’s inspire (def: breathe) together.


20 Miles In Her Shoes- An AF3IRM/GABNet Exhibit in Eagle Rock Plaza Mall

17 Dec

Last weekend, I spent my Saturday setting up what I think is a really cool exhibit. Titled, “20 Miles in Her Shoes,” this exhibit highlights a few fashions showcased during the AF3IRM/ GABNet 2o Year Anniversary & shoes created by community members and non-profit orgs depicting the stories of various women defenders today and throughout history. The exhibit will be up throughout December. So, head out to Eagle Rock Plaza, do some xmas shopping, and take a peek!

Press Release & Photos Below

December 11, 2009
Loralei Rose Bingamon, AF3IRM/GABNet Creative Director
Tel: 562-682-5418

AF3IRM/GABNet takes part in North East Los Angeles (NELA) Art Walk

AF3IRM/GABRIELA Network of Los Angeles (GABNet LA) in collaboration with Eagle Rock Plaza Mall is proud to take part in the North East Los Angeles (NELA) Art Walk. Titled, “Twenty Miles In Her Shoes,” the AF3IRM/GABNet art instillation is composed of alternative political fashions which highlight the organization’s twenty years of fierce resistance, struggle and transformation, as well as persistence in drawing attention to the lives of women defenders. The exhibit launches Saturday, December 12, 2009 and will be open to the public through January 1, 2010 at the Community Corner of Eagle Rock Plaza located at 2700 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041.

For the past twenty years, AF3IRM/GABNet has been at the forefront of exposing and opposing imperialism and feudalism in the form of the denial of reproductive rights, political repression, sexual slavery and prostitution, etc. In commemoration of AF3IRM/GABNet’s fight for the dignity, equity, and freedom of all women, various political fashions/costumes representing the twenty years of community work will be on display. These fashions were one of the many highlights of AF3IRM/GABNet’s twenty-year anniversary celebration. A sneaker gallery titled, “A Mile In Her Shoes: Defending Women Defenders,” with original sneaker designs by community members and non-profit organizations honoring everyday sheroes will also be featured.

AF3IRM/GABNet acknowledges that in a commodity obsessed culture, which is quick to judge but fears being judged, what one wears can be taken as an unjust signifier for one’s belief systems, class standing, political affiliation, social status, etc. AF3IRM/GABNet has chosen to not fall victim to prescribed labels assigned by consumer mass society. Through “Twenty Miles In Her Shoes,” AF3IRM/GABNet has chosen to showcase alternative fashions created through the work of our own hands and the hands of community members and organizations. Using fashion as art and art as a tool for social justice, AF3IRM/GABNet reclaims the overrun, lost, and forgotten voices of women who struggle to survive through poverty and marginalization and who turn to political activism as a vehicle to change their realities while being punished for their resistance.

Exhibit showcased until January 1, 2010

HeARTwork Now @ BellaMaven.com

10 Dec

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in 2 months. Time goes by so quickly. I have been so busy with living and absorbing life and the changes the universe has brought to me. Over this time period I have been exhausted with family issues, exhilarated by new artistic/expressive endeavors, and enveloped in thought.

I just wanted share with you that my work can now be purchased online @ Bella Maven (http://www.bellamaven.com/art.html). The pieces come in various sizes and are already framed. They make the PERFECT HOLIDAY GIFT!

Thank you everyone for your continued support. I wish you all a JOYOUS holiday.



remembering joy de la cruz

5 Oct

joy de la cruz

joy de la cruz

today was the 6 year death anniversary of a dear sister-friend, joy de la cruz. being so, i found myself drenched in thoughts & emotions about joy, love, life & death. reflecting on the many lessons i have learned from joy’s passing, i recall how immensely i have grown and changed since that one evening in october.

tonight i sat at the dinner table with old ucsd friends. we talked and reminisced about joy. we shared stories about her zany and random tendencies (like how she once slept on top of a denny’s. wtf, i know. i don’t believe it myself.) yet although we pretty much agreed that she was a crazy one, we also agreed that her complicatedly contradictory self is what we loved about her.

referred to as the “fairy god-mother of student activism,” tonight i giggled to myself because it was just so true. she was involved in every movement at ucsd. joy was one of those rare individuals who was all over the place and u just couldn’t figure out how she got around (cuz she had no car) or where she got her energy from (she seemed to always be partying or working, but never sleeping). as much as i tried, i could never quite understand her. but i admired her none-the-less.

so how have i changed since 2003? in too many ways…the reason i always talk about living life in the moment and in true joy is because of the impact joy de la cruz had on my life. if it wasn’t for her, i don’t think i would be this involved in putting my art out into the community. if it wasn’t for her, i don’t think i would be out engaging with people the way i do, trying to understand the heart and passions of those i interact with. because of joy i never want to take a moment or any person for granted. i try to live as honestly and vivaciously as i can.

never take a moment or a breath for granted.u never know when it could be your last.

be true to yourself.

live with no regrets.

live life in love and in community.

don’t postpone joy

…these are the lessons that i’ll never forget from my dear sister-friend.

thank you, joy.


carpe diem: designing for left turn magazine

10 Sep

About a month ago, I was invited by Vasudha Desikan of Left Turn Magazine to create the cover for their upcoming issue (which should be out sometime this month) focusing on Asia, migrant labor, & the economy. Of course, I was ecstatic that I was asked to do such a thing. “My first magazine cover,” I thought, “how exciting!”

I knew that the task would be new and therefore, also, artistically stimulating. Prior to the news, I had wanted to be challenged in my creative endeavors….and challenged I was….

 In the process of creating the piece, I had to create many drafts and revisions until coming to the final piece. I give props to every graphic designer I know because the revision process can be tedious.

 Here are some pictures of my first draft and some revisions….

First Draft

First Draft




the winner!

the winner!

In the end, this is what the piece ended up looking like (see above)…

Included are images of the rice terraces in the Philippines, overseas domestic workers, and migrant laborers. The whole piece was created by hand and then texturized and cleaned up in photoshop. But, in the end, overall photoshop use was pretty minimal.

I am extremely proud of this project. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given and I look forward to what the future has to bring.

I love life!

rainbows of transformation

2 Sep

over the past few days i have been contemplating the events going on around me. with the fires buring, the deaths happening in the families of close friends, the illnesses that have come into my life via family members, and all the changes within the social structures i once knew i can’t help but feel exhausted, uneasy, and in a questioning mood. what does this all mean?

essentially, all these occurences could be seen as stimuli for being depressed. but, i don’t neccessarily feel completely melancholy. i just feel like i am waiting for the moment when i can understand what all this means in the context of the universe and where life is taking me, where time is taking us as a people.

as for now, all i can really read into the accumulation of these situations is that CHANGE is inevitable & CHANGE is happening right now even if i don’t want to acknowledge or accept it. What kind of changes will the wind bring for me, my fam, my friends? All i can really do is ask is for PATIENCE to be my companion right now and TRUST that life will continue to unfold beautifully.

and so, i think of rainbows….


rainbows have always been a reminder of inner transformation and the influence of a greater spiritual influence in my life.  whenever i see one, much like when i see pink roses, i feel that i am being taken care of and guided.

the picture above was taken in oakland, ca in feb 2009. my bff jason perez, his partner carmela, and my good friend genesis and i had just arrived and needed to refill our gas tank. although sleepy, i looked up and to my joy i saw this ranbow arching over lake merrit (my favorite spot in the bay area).

to me, i was being told that life is beautiful, that life is where it is suppose to be at for me at that moment. i felt blessed and in love with a world that was able to communicate with me through the miracles of nature. to this day, rainbows mean so much to me. they remind me that life is meant to live in a way in which we illuminate our light to others. we need to give beauty back to the world just as we recieve it in our lives.

today, the image of the rainbow kept popping up in my head despite the ugliness outside and the uneasiness inside me.

may rainbows always fill out lives and flood our eyes and hearts with love, light, and beauty. may they be a symbol that we are always able to transcend.


more info on rainbows….

below is an exceprt from http://www.spiritualwisdom.org.uk/colours-of-the-rainbow2.htm 

check it out for various meanings of rainbows and the colors of the rainbow….

according to the story of noah’s arc:

“The rainbow is called, in this transformational story, a divine covenant sign – in our terms a life and death promise … a divine pledge of:

a) a new beginning when the old is swept away

b) unbroken divine love and care

c) the cyclical evolving of a new world”



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