Transcending Time/ Space

15 Jul

I remember gazing into the mountains of Honolulu. I could sit for hours, alone, just me, my journal and the mountains. Staring off into the green that would often be covered by a faint fog, I would get lost in the moment. It was as if the mountains’ existence had the power to transcend space and time. When I sat with her I felt whole. I felt alive in my body. I felt at one with nature, my spirit, and the divine source….This was in 2003, when I studied at UH for the summer, a summer  wrapped in transcendent love.

Lately, I have been longing to feel this deep spiritual connection once again. I receive it in other ways, but it’s just not the same. I miss being able to commune with nature as easily as it was in Hawaii. There, everything around me was lush and green. Here, I see stark buildings and telephone polls. But despite this, I do my best to connect to my surroundings and allow the intense yet calming energy of the universe to enter my body. When it does, I sense the presence of the ancestors and how we are all ONE. It is a feeling of pure joy and bliss.

I have been thinking about how expressive arts and music has the same effect on me. When I create through the power of dance, song, writing, or visual art I feel the time/space transcendence. I get lost in the moment and know of nothing else besides the deep connection between by creation and the divine. To me, it is important to spend both time outdoors with nature and indoors engaging in the creative process. In these elements, I find myself. I understand my connection to the universe and to community. I engage with love at it’s purest form and know from within my core that we and the universe are ONE.

heARTwork @ AUTOFREAK Pop-up Shop & Gallery 06.13.10

8 Jun


This is the last month of AUTOFREAK!! BIG SPECIAL AUTOFREAK FEST happening THIS Sunday June 13 from 1pm-8pm.

Live painting by

Mark Canto, Manila Ryce, Karlo Santa Ana and more!

Prints by Loralei Bingamon

live performance by Shinichiro Kawasaki




Little Tokyo Market Place

333 S. Alameda 90013

2nd Floor, Unit 212

@ the other end of Max Karaokee

Sacred Life

17 May

This past Saturday I was informed of the passing of inspirational woman, Tam Tran, who I was fortunate to get to know while working together in Americorps through the Public Allies, Los Angeles program. Tam was truly a strong and fierce spirit, dedicating her time advocating for social justice, particularly immigrant rights.

I recall her telling the story of how her and her family’s immigrant experience moved her to become an advocate for others. Here is a video of Tam speaking on immigrant rights.

However, not only did I see Tam as dedicated activist, I have to say, she had a quirky personality to her. I also noticed her urbanista fashion sense. I would often wonder how she found such cool boots and oxfords in the thrift stores. 🙂

Now, what I failed to mention earlier was that I found out about her death when I was at a wedding with a few of our former co-workers. Sitting in a trench of emotional juxtaposition, I was reminded again of how SACRED life is. The message that life must be lived to the fullest in every moment rang loud. We can’t control when the universe calls us back into our spirit forms. But, we can control how we live our daily lives and make sure the breaths we take in our human form are not wasted.

Tam you will be missed. When I think of you, I think of a womyn who lived indefinitely in the moment and didn’t waste a breath on the trivial.
Thank you for all you have taught me and the community through your life.

LINK to Article on Tam

05.18.10 Tuesday Night Cafe will be dedicated to Tam

[Tam, I heart this pix of u!]

Don’t Need No Permission

15 May

Saw this posted on Rocky Rivera‘s blog and I had to steal it. Sometimes I just need the reminder that all I achieve is really in my hands.  Gotta keep pushing and not look for validation from anyone.

Ladies, we are fierce from the moment of our conception. Let’s always remember that and never let anything stand in the way of where we wanna go.

Can I get a window seat?

14 May

All I gotta say is PREACH it girl! I am thinking I need a window seat right about now, too. There is something about getting out of town and escaping that every day hustle and bustle that is just so dang refreshing. This song reminds me that I just need to BREATHE sometimes. If I can’t literally get that window seat (cuz those seats ain’t cheap!) then hopefully I come back to myself and find that inner peace which a “window seat” can potentially provide.xoxo

Vodpod videos no longer available.

05.13.10 HeARTwork @ ARTICULTURE Arts Showcase,UCI

11 May

Watch out now OC heads! UCI KABABAYAN is hosting an arts event that is sure to please. Are you ready?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

7:30pm – 9:00pm

Balboa Island A – 4th Floor UCI Student Center

Every year, Kababayan holds it’s annual cultural art exhibit, an event for local artists and Kababayan members to showcase many different types of art. The theme for this event, entitled “Articulture: The Cultivation of Cultural Creativity,” focuses on the growth of the individual through the use of art and culture. The exhibit will feature many types of art through the use of a variety of mediums such as digital, visual, performance, and live art.

Various performances such as dance, spoken word, and theater, will occur periodically while you walk around admiring the different pieces of visual art created by local artists and some of your very own Kababayan! Cultural art exhibit is a way for Kababayan to create a formal artistic outlet in which artists of Kababayan can showcase artistic talents as well as encourage the cultivation of human creativity and individual expression.


05.13.10 Come thru to the “Speak Easy” Artshow/Forum @ the LA Artwalk

11 May

05.13.10 FilAm Arts Hosts “Speak Easy” Artist Forum/ Art Show @ LA Art Walk.

Come through and support your local artists, including myself! Help me pay my tuition & purchase a piece. I promise the prices won’t break the bank.

Hope to see you there.



HELLA underconstruction

11 May

No, I am not from the YAY. Yes, I said, “HELLA.”

Please excuse the mess. You know us artists, we are always trying to reinvent ourselves.

A Morning Mantra

5 Apr

Waking up this morning I smile 24 brand new hours before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and look at being with eyes of compassion.

This quote sits above my desk. Yet, somehow I often overlook it. As I write this I ponder the effects saying this every morning would have on the outcome of my day. I believe in energy and that we manifest our reality through our thoughts. Lately, I have been trying to stay on the positive thought tip and have been trying different techniques. This mantra is one I am definitely going to attempt as I continue to look inside me to maintain peace and balance.

Fear Less

29 Mar

Lizz Wright- Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly (music video. no clue why i can’t get the image on this page. but, enjoy it and i hope it inspires you like it does me.)

In need of inspiration on how to live my daily life in a way that brings me closer to my true self, I decided to read a book titled, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. Some of you may have noticed that I have quoted this book numerous times the past month via facebook updates. Given that I really am too tired to write a synopsis on this book or to unveil the numerous tools offered within the text, tonight, I wanted to share one key tool.

In the book, Sharma advices that we have a DEATH BED MENTALITY, meaning that we live each day as it were our last. What would be your mood if u knew today would be your last day? How would you treat people? What would you do? Etc.

Every morning, when I wake up, I ask myself, what would I do today if it were my last? Often I visualize myself not being afraid of anything. I see myself letting go of any anger, pain, frustration, and/or stress that may reside within me. Then, I welcome in joy and love.  I think about the people I love and I become overwhelmed with gratitude because I know that I have been blessed with beautiful people and bountiful relationships within my life thus far. I imagine my day to be beautiful and full of laughter and lightheartedness.

To think about each day as if it were my last is quite humbling. It is also a reality check, because I know that today could quite possibly be the day I take my last breath in the physical realm.

For those of us who want to live a life where freedom of soul and mind exist, I believe we must first free ourselves from fear. Fear is useless and inhibits us from experiencing life at it’s greatest potential.

As Audre Lorde once said, “I AM DELIBERATE & AFRAID OF NOTHING”. Tonight I make a promise to myself to take these words and use them as my mantra for living a purposeful life where fear is not an obstacle to experiencing life.

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