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Fear Less

29 Mar

Lizz Wright- Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly (music video. no clue why i can’t get the image on this page. but, enjoy it and i hope it inspires you like it does me.)

In need of inspiration on how to live my daily life in a way that brings me closer to my true self, I decided to read a book titled, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. Some of you may have noticed that I have quoted this book numerous times the past month via facebook updates. Given that I really am too tired to write a synopsis on this book or to unveil the numerous tools offered within the text, tonight, I wanted to share one key tool.

In the book, Sharma advices that we have a DEATH BED MENTALITY, meaning that we live each day as it were our last. What would be your mood if u knew today would be your last day? How would you treat people? What would you do? Etc.

Every morning, when I wake up, I ask myself, what would I do today if it were my last? Often I visualize myself not being afraid of anything. I see myself letting go of any anger, pain, frustration, and/or stress that may reside within me. Then, I welcome in joy and love.  I think about the people I love and I become overwhelmed with gratitude because I know that I have been blessed with beautiful people and bountiful relationships within my life thus far. I imagine my day to be beautiful and full of laughter and lightheartedness.

To think about each day as if it were my last is quite humbling. It is also a reality check, because I know that today could quite possibly be the day I take my last breath in the physical realm.

For those of us who want to live a life where freedom of soul and mind exist, I believe we must first free ourselves from fear. Fear is useless and inhibits us from experiencing life at it’s greatest potential.

As Audre Lorde once said, “I AM DELIBERATE & AFRAID OF NOTHING”. Tonight I make a promise to myself to take these words and use them as my mantra for living a purposeful life where fear is not an obstacle to experiencing life.

remembering joy de la cruz

5 Oct

joy de la cruz

joy de la cruz

today was the 6 year death anniversary of a dear sister-friend, joy de la cruz. being so, i found myself drenched in thoughts & emotions about joy, love, life & death. reflecting on the many lessons i have learned from joy’s passing, i recall how immensely i have grown and changed since that one evening in october.

tonight i sat at the dinner table with old ucsd friends. we talked and reminisced about joy. we shared stories about her zany and random tendencies (like how she once slept on top of a denny’s. wtf, i know. i don’t believe it myself.) yet although we pretty much agreed that she was a crazy one, we also agreed that her complicatedly contradictory self is what we loved about her.

referred to as the “fairy god-mother of student activism,” tonight i giggled to myself because it was just so true. she was involved in every movement at ucsd. joy was one of those rare individuals who was all over the place and u just couldn’t figure out how she got around (cuz she had no car) or where she got her energy from (she seemed to always be partying or working, but never sleeping). as much as i tried, i could never quite understand her. but i admired her none-the-less.

so how have i changed since 2003? in too many ways…the reason i always talk about living life in the moment and in true joy is because of the impact joy de la cruz had on my life. if it wasn’t for her, i don’t think i would be this involved in putting my art out into the community. if it wasn’t for her, i don’t think i would be out engaging with people the way i do, trying to understand the heart and passions of those i interact with. because of joy i never want to take a moment or any person for granted. i try to live as honestly and vivaciously as i can.

never take a moment or a breath for granted.u never know when it could be your last.

be true to yourself.

live with no regrets.

live life in love and in community.

don’t postpone joy

…these are the lessons that i’ll never forget from my dear sister-friend.

thank you, joy.


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