01.13.11 Come Celebrate My Bday with Me @ LA Art Walk!

3 Jan


January 13th Derekstar has a big treat planned for the LA Artwalk @ the Harlem Street Cafe!  Come by for a good time and to celebrate my bday with me! ❤


What do you think of when you hear the words “Black Heart”? Well, it was a tricky one for us too! Please come down to Harlem Place Cafe on January 13th and see what our artists were inspired to create after we decided to work with this theme.

We will be a part of the Downtown LA Artwalk for the FIRST time! This is a big deal for us and we would love to have your support. Here’s what you have to look forward to…


Tayen Kim
Jerrell Conner
Kytia L’amour
Gilbert Hernandez
Tweedy Cudal
John Lawrence Cudal
Charmaine Genuino
Eloisa Hernandez
Kevin Morgan
Rodney Farol
Brian Paraiso
Ritchie Kong
Garrick Fujii
Julieann Quinto
Marlus Dos Santos
Marcus Newsom
Al Williams
Loralei Bingamon
Chris Jones
Sherwood Andrews
Sonia Godoy


Chrizle Reyes
Aaron Flores
Jonathan Blake Salazar
Denicar Bergancia
Daniel Donnie Flores
Kevin Yap
Evelyn Blanton
Blueprint Graffiti

More to come…


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