Love Extraordinarily

2 Nov

In the past months since my last post, I have been contemplating life. This isn’t uncharacteristic of me, as most of my ponderings do have to do with life, love, and soul. However, ever since my mother was diagnosed with cancer last year and as her health continues to disintegrate before my eyes, my thoughts have been focused on the question, “What really matters in this life?”

Last weekend I attended the Expressive Arts Training course I am enrolled in in Manhattan Beach. My instructor must have read my thoughts because during her lecture I found  it synchronistic how she made a point about the thoughts of dying people. She said that when a person knows death is near they often ask themselves the follow questions:

1) Did I love well?

2) Did I learn to let go?

Given my current family situation, I am now striving to make these questions the those which drive my choices and thought patterns.  I want to learn to love unconditionally and to always see the good in people. I want to be able to let go of petty things, of all the hurt I have experienced, of all that which is trivial.

To do this is not going to be easy. I realize I need to let go of all my human tendencies to hold on to pain and start really living in tune with my soul. Living aligned with soul nature is to live with a free spirit that only knows love. It is forgiving, being joyful, laughing, and seeing the beauty in all creation and in all experiences life brings.

In order to guide this journey to soulful living, I plan on asking myself the following questions before I go to sleep:

1) How well did I love today?

2) Did I let go of the trivial?

3) What can I do better tomorrow?

I want to leave this world knowing I did everything in my power live well. In my eyes, the key to living well is to LOVE EXTRAORDINARILY.




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