Transcending Time/ Space

15 Jul

I remember gazing into the mountains of Honolulu. I could sit for hours, alone, just me, my journal and the mountains. Staring off into the green that would often be covered by a faint fog, I would get lost in the moment. It was as if the mountains’ existence had the power to transcend space and time. When I sat with her I felt whole. I felt alive in my body. I felt at one with nature, my spirit, and the divine source….This was in 2003, when I studied at UH for the summer, a summer  wrapped in transcendent love.

Lately, I have been longing to feel this deep spiritual connection once again. I receive it in other ways, but it’s just not the same. I miss being able to commune with nature as easily as it was in Hawaii. There, everything around me was lush and green. Here, I see stark buildings and telephone polls. But despite this, I do my best to connect to my surroundings and allow the intense yet calming energy of the universe to enter my body. When it does, I sense the presence of the ancestors and how we are all ONE. It is a feeling of pure joy and bliss.

I have been thinking about how expressive arts and music has the same effect on me. When I create through the power of dance, song, writing, or visual art I feel the time/space transcendence. I get lost in the moment and know of nothing else besides the deep connection between by creation and the divine. To me, it is important to spend both time outdoors with nature and indoors engaging in the creative process. In these elements, I find myself. I understand my connection to the universe and to community. I engage with love at it’s purest form and know from within my core that we and the universe are ONE.

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