20 Miles In Her Shoes- An AF3IRM/GABNet Exhibit in Eagle Rock Plaza Mall

17 Dec

Last weekend, I spent my Saturday setting up what I think is a really cool exhibit. Titled, “20 Miles in Her Shoes,” this exhibit highlights a few fashions showcased during the AF3IRM/ GABNet 2o Year Anniversary & shoes created by community members and non-profit orgs depicting the stories of various women defenders today and throughout history. The exhibit will be up throughout December. So, head out to Eagle Rock Plaza, do some xmas shopping, and take a peek!

Press Release & Photos Below

December 11, 2009
Loralei Rose Bingamon, AF3IRM/GABNet Creative Director
Tel: 562-682-5418

AF3IRM/GABNet takes part in North East Los Angeles (NELA) Art Walk

AF3IRM/GABRIELA Network of Los Angeles (GABNet LA) in collaboration with Eagle Rock Plaza Mall is proud to take part in the North East Los Angeles (NELA) Art Walk. Titled, “Twenty Miles In Her Shoes,” the AF3IRM/GABNet art instillation is composed of alternative political fashions which highlight the organization’s twenty years of fierce resistance, struggle and transformation, as well as persistence in drawing attention to the lives of women defenders. The exhibit launches Saturday, December 12, 2009 and will be open to the public through January 1, 2010 at the Community Corner of Eagle Rock Plaza located at 2700 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041.

For the past twenty years, AF3IRM/GABNet has been at the forefront of exposing and opposing imperialism and feudalism in the form of the denial of reproductive rights, political repression, sexual slavery and prostitution, etc. In commemoration of AF3IRM/GABNet’s fight for the dignity, equity, and freedom of all women, various political fashions/costumes representing the twenty years of community work will be on display. These fashions were one of the many highlights of AF3IRM/GABNet’s twenty-year anniversary celebration. A sneaker gallery titled, “A Mile In Her Shoes: Defending Women Defenders,” with original sneaker designs by community members and non-profit organizations honoring everyday sheroes will also be featured.

AF3IRM/GABNet acknowledges that in a commodity obsessed culture, which is quick to judge but fears being judged, what one wears can be taken as an unjust signifier for one’s belief systems, class standing, political affiliation, social status, etc. AF3IRM/GABNet has chosen to not fall victim to prescribed labels assigned by consumer mass society. Through “Twenty Miles In Her Shoes,” AF3IRM/GABNet has chosen to showcase alternative fashions created through the work of our own hands and the hands of community members and organizations. Using fashion as art and art as a tool for social justice, AF3IRM/GABNet reclaims the overrun, lost, and forgotten voices of women who struggle to survive through poverty and marginalization and who turn to political activism as a vehicle to change their realities while being punished for their resistance.

Exhibit showcased until January 1, 2010

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