overdue heART updates

8 Jun

So, I just wanted to give an update on what has been going on.

First of all, I started a FAN PAGE on facebook. I will be posting updates on art shows, community work, and all things new related to my work here http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Loralei-Rose-Bingamon/87893087427?ref=ts. SO, ADD ME, please!  🙂

Also, my good friend and aspiring film maker Ryan Gabriel just made a short film titled, “Pursuit of HeART”. It is about everything this title alludes to. You can catch myself and my art in this short clip. ENJOY!


One more thing, just wanted to say thank you to the Berkeley Women of Color Collective for choosing to use an adapted version of my piece, “She is Extradordinary” for your org tees. A pix of the tees can be found below & at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/photo.php?pid=2082156&id=87893087427&ref=mf, which is on FB, so all the more reason to become a fan!

Hope everyone is doing well. I send you all my love and good energy.

Let me leave you all with a quote/ question that I think about everyday and which inspires me in regards to all the decisions I make, ” What is the rest of your life was the best of your life?”

Think about it.

Live it up.


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